Murano Platinum 2016

looking vehicle. On the outside it is smooth, sleek, and compact—a nice change from the majority of comparable mid-size crossovers, which tend to be bulky and broad-shouldered. On the inside, the Murano is no less striking. It boasts a clean, up-scale look, and backs that look up with comfortable seats, lots of leg room and Bose speakers for a very enjoyable riding experience.

Under the hood, the Murano features a 3.5-liter 6-cylinder engine, with 260 horses that can be applied to front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, depending on your preference. In terms of fuel mileage, the Murano clocks in at around 21 miles per gallon in the city, and 28 per gallon on the highway. Not horrible, but not great either.

Where the Murano loses points, however, is in its low visibility, which can become frustrating—and dangerous—very quickly. This SUV also offers much less trunk space than some of its counterparts, so it might not be the right choice for those with plans for long road trips or outdoor excursions—especially if you’re taking your family along with you. If you can get past the Murano’s visibility and storage issues, however, it really is a great vehicle to drive, offering quality aesthetics, a comfortable interior, and decent, all-around performance.