Maxima Platinum 2016

For sedan enthusiasts, the 2016 Nissan Maxima Platinum is a nice middle ground between your run of the mill family car and your bona fide luxury vehicle. Let’s take a closer look at it.

In terms of the car’s appearance, perhaps said it best: The Maxima Platinum, which has been completely redesigned since its last release, is “a sedan in a sports car costume.” Its exterior design is fantastic: streamlined and powerful without being tacky. Its interior is no less attractive, with an elegant but modest upholstery, and a stylish centre console

. It is, in a few words, a very nice looking car—inside and out.

Its other specs are quite pleasing too. With a 5.6 litre V-6 engine, the new Maxima Platinum offers a nice 300 horsepower through the front wheels. So, while it is still a sedan, and not the “4-door sports car” Nissan has boldly referred to it as in the past, it is still quite fun to drive.

And then there are the car’s many other new features, our favourite of the bunch being its predictive forward-warning collision features, which watches two cars ahead, rather than just what’s immediately in front of the car.

To conclude, this car is all about compromise. It’s not your suburban family’s sedan, and it’s not your young professional’s entry-level luxury whip. It’s an attractive and enjoyable somewhere-in-the-middle