It has been said that the act of drinking tea dates back to 2737 AD in China, when a servant was boiling water for the emperor. Leaves from a nearby tree fell into the water, creating what is considered to be the first cup of tea. Although we will never be sure if there is truth in this tale, the art of tea drinking in China has been documented as far back as 200 AD.


Today Drinking tea is a common practice worldwide. Many do so for ritualistic reasons, some for comfort and some for the many health benefits that certain teas can provide.


Heaven Sent Teaz is a local tea company importing high quality teas from around the world, all packed with health benefits. Try the GABA tea, perfect for use as a stress relief and a sleep aid. Through a process discovered in Japan over 20 years ago, this tea provides high levels of Gamma Amino Butyric Acid (GABA) and has also been known to aid in weight loss, relieve anxiety and increase endurance and energy levels. The list of benefits for GABA tea is vast, so pour yourself a cup of Heaven Sent Tea and read up while you enjoy some of nature's vitamins.


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