Rob Yun and  Chris Franco

Packed venue, crazy crowd, pumping music, flashing lights, and outstanding in-ring action -- all things that fans have come to expect from Extreme Canadian Championship
Wrestling’s Ballroom Brawl, which rocked the Commodore Ballroom for the sixth time on July 12.

Ballroom Brawl 1 burst out of the gates in January 2014, and despite the “flash in the pan” predictions of some, its subsequent installments have displayed strong staying power as “must see” events for lower mainland wrestling fans. Past Ballroom Brawls have featured top-tier stars and jaw-dropping spectacles, and Ballroom Brawl 6 more than held its own in that regard. Standout moments included ECCW champion El Phantasmo absorbing insane amounts of punishment in a successful defense against Lucha Underground star Brian Cage; the emotional (and horrifically violent) farewell match of ECCW mainstay Sid Sylum; and the outrageously-popular Bollywood Boyz having their return from the WWE Cruiserweight Classic savagely ruined by ECCW legend Dr. Luther (whose post-match diatribe caused enraged fans to bury the ring in thrown garbage). But out of all of the evening’s many “Holy S**t” moments, the one that has the most tongues wagging took place during a routine promotional announcement by FiLES News Publisher and Vita Pro 21 CEO Rob Yun.

PRO Wrestler Scotty Mac

Things started innocently enough, with Yun entering the ring between matches accompanied by CFL vet/pro MMA fighter Paul “Typhoon” Cheng, legendary local promoter Gerry Gionco, and actor/stuntman/fighter/ECCW alumnus Paul “The Mauler” Lazenby. Yun had barely announced a newly-established business partnership between ECCW and FiLES News before he was interrupted by the music of ultra-arrogant ECCW superstar Scotty Mac, who strode to the ring and promptly called in a full security detail.


When asked during a recent phone interview why he chose to take such action, Mac had the following to say:

“There hasn’t been a lot of wrestling content in FiLES up until this point, and more importantly, there hasn’t been a lot of Scotty Mac content in FiLES up until this point. If my partners In ECCW worked something out so there is going to be more content for my fanbase [in FiLES], then that’s great. That’s a positive thing. But it has nothing to do with Rob being on my shows, getting into my ring, or stealing my spotlight. I wasn’t medically cleared to wrestle that night, which was why I didn’t have a match, but if there’s going to be time taken up by somebody talking in the ring, that somebody should have been me.”

After ordering the FiLES logo to be taken off the big screen and replaced with his own new T-shirt logo, Mac loudly berated Yun for several minutes, before finally stepping up and slapping Yun right across the face.

Scotty Mac assaulting and slapping Rob Yun at Ballroom Brawl 6

“There was no cause for what he did, no cause whatsoever,” an incensed Yun stated to this reporter. “I am tremendously excited about the new arrangement, and I’m looking forward to having FiLES help expose ECCW to an even wider audience. But this is NOT the way you start a new partnership. I wasn’t there to steal anyone’s spotlight, I was there for the good of both my organization and theirs. If Scotty could see past his own bloated ego, he’d understand that.”

The crack of the slap was still echoing off the Commodore’s walls when Yun, a martial artist of many years, responded with a crescent kick that came within a hair’s breadth of taking the veteran grappler’s head off. After that, a near-riot erupted between the ECCW and FiLES crews, while Mac ran for the locker room with a shirtless Yun screaming for revenge in his wake.

Rob Yun with Paul Cheng

“I don’t care who he is!” Yun was heard to yell while being ejected from the building. “I’ll get him -- kickboxing, MMA, pro wrestling, I don’t care! He puts his hands on me, I’ll fight him under any rules he wants!” Mac, however, was noncommittal upon hearing of Yun’s challenge:

“Rob should be a big boy and understand that he had it coming. He should also be happy that it was just a slap in the face. He should have stayed out of it, and he should continue to stay out of it. He’s talking about MMA, kickboxing... I’m not a kickboxer or an MMA fighter, I’m a professional wrestler. I do what it takes to have memorable performances in the pro wrestling ring. If I think that my fans would enjoy it, I might... MIGHT consider taking Rob on. But he should be careful what he asks for, because if that were to take place, he’d have to deal with a lot more than a slap in the face.” Follow-up calls to both sides indicate that the ECCW/FiLES partnership is still going ahead as planned, but one has to expect that things are far from settled between Robert Yun and Scotty Mac.

Rob Yun and Paul Lazenby (far right)

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Photo credits: Mary Diaz, Scotty Douglas Hemenway, Hassan Beghouei, Agonal Industries, Archie Henderson and all other contributing photographers involved.