By Paul “The Mauler” Lazenby

Recently, 2-time BC’s Strongest Man Chris Davies and I walked into Nando’s in Surrey with the expectation that we’d eat them out of house and home. But after the dust settled, Nando’s owner Gus Bajwa sent us on our way with straining bellies and bulging take-out containers full of delicious chicken, along with a newfound sense of humility.

So when F.I.L.E.S. head honcho Robert Yun asked me to review Davie Street’s Mucho Burrito (which also happens to be owned by Gus, Jay and Christoph), I immediately jumped at the chance for revenge. That restaurant was gonna get hit and hit hard, and this time it wasn’t just going to be two of us!

A couple of phone calls later, I had assembled a wrecking crew consisting of Chris, his fellow 300-plus pound strongman Big Brian Way, and the insidious Aidan “Synn” Pringle (a buddy from my wrestling days, because nobody packs away free food like an independent pro wrestler). Rubbing my hands together and cackling with evil intent, I thought about how much damage we were gonna do with our roughly 1000 pounds of calorie-consuming bodyweight. Nando’s might have bested me, but Mucho Burrito was going to suffer the retribution!

As we stormed the doors of Mucho Burrito, Gus and store manager Jay Athwal were full of friendly greetings, their gregarious demeanor almost making me feel bad for how completely we were going to clean out their kitchen.

Gus directed our attention to the Mucho Burrito menu board, which boasted quesadillas, salads, tacos, and of course, burritos (duh). As we pored over our choices, Jay pointed out how all of the garnishes are made fresh every day, and how the meat is always cooked in front of the customers on an open grill.

Synn, Brian and Chris all ordered burritos in the largest, “Mucho” size (of course), and for the sake of variety, I decided to try a Chicken Tacqueria Salad (don’t judge me). After being topped the way the guys wanted them, the football-sized, two-pound burritos were loaded onto straining plastic trays and carried back to our table along with my salad, which boasted no shortage of big, juicy chunks of chicken.

Then we got stuck in, and in the early going it wasn’t looking good for Mucho Burrito. The tastiness of the food, combined with the size of the stomachs involved, resulted in a burrito and salad massacre. But having guessed that this would not be a one-round battle, Gus approached our table with a plate of quesadillas and four bottles of Corona, three of which were quickly dispatched by Synn.

Down went the quesadillas, as delicious as the burritos and salad had been, at which point we began to feel our gas gauges hitting “F”. But once again Gus appeared, placing a giant plate of steaming, cheese-slathered nachos on the table as if throwing down the proverbial gauntlet. Though my belly was full, those nachos looked and smelled damn good, and I silently cursed Gus and his delicious, filling food.

At a much slower pace we attacked the nachos, loving every bite but past the point of being sated. Eventually, even Big Brian and Chris hit their limits, and with my ringers tapping out, our victorious aspirations came to an end. With plenty of nachos still in front of us, I feebly raised my hand for a take-out container as if waving the white flag of defeat.

After once again being bested, I am forced to concede that Mucho Burrito is as formidable an adversary as Nando’s. But if that is what defeat tastes like, I hope for a long losing streak in the future!

I highly recommend Mucho Burrito for drop-in, take-out dining, or to cater your next special event. No matter what the size of your party or event, they will definitely be able to feed everyone -- TRUST me on that.

For more information on some of the tastiest Mexican food ever to get the best of four hungry knuckle-draggers, check out Mucho Burrito at 988 Davie Street, or visit them online at!