It's been a rewarding and long journey for F.i.l.e.s. News Publication but we're coming back stronger in 2016. By popular demand, we're pushing full throttle to keep hard print alive. With hard work, integrity and quality professionalism. F.i.l.e.s. News is determined to offer the best in entertaining and informative newsprint, all across the Lower Mainland and soon to be in Las Vegas. Together, with a creditable staff of journalists and research team, our restructured and exciting new layout is going to allow our readers to continue to turn the pages and prove there is still room and great interest for solid accessibility. Newsprint is not a search engine but a mass form of feeding information, concerning an array of topics that will benefit our community. F.i.l.e.s. News will bring you the best of world entertainment news, human interest stories, sports, health, local events and so much more.

Please join us and welcome us back because F.i.l.e.s. News is not planning to take a back seat to virtual media and we hope you'll allow us to show the next generation that literally holding onto an art form is not a part of the past but serving a greater purpose for our future. I am also proud to announce the all new F.i.l.e.s. Newsprint Magazine will be published on recycled paper and my team and I look forward to making year 2016 and on bigger, brighter and bolder. Last note, our all new website which is under renovation as well at www.filesnews.com will also bring you all the up to date information across the board on what’s going on to keep you fully connected.


Thank you,

Editor and Chief

Robert Yun